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| 6 weeks to 12 months

Our infants experience a warm, loving, trained staff who individualize care specific to your child. Parents provide a feeding schedule, diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, and a few changes of clothing. Breast milk accepted in disposable bags marked with your child’s name and date of pumping. T-Town Childcare makes its own fresh organic baby food purees, so you never have to provide baby food. Let the staff know when you have started feeding solids and what they have had with no reactions and we will add it to their diet here. You are always in control of what they are introduced to and when. Feeding schedules are updated monthly by you.

Our infants are held, loved, rocked, talked to, sang to, and their development is encouraged and enhanced by our knowledgeable staff who are familiar with growth and developmental levels and with setting individual goals. We use Fun Shine Express, a quality, STARS-approved curriculum with our infants. Our infants also have their very own fenced in grass play area right outside their door so they can experience nature and get fresh air and sunshine. Come experience our clean, safe, warm, friendly, loving environment today!


| 1 to 3 years

Our toddlers experience an environment where they are free to roam and explore the world around them through careful center set up and warm staff interactions. Our staff are trained and have obtained their CDA for infants and toddlers. We use Fun Shine Express, a quality, STARS-approved curriculum with our toddlers. T-town Childcare serves all fresh, home-cooked meals and snacks, so you can rest easy knowing your child is getting a healthy, balanced diet while in care. Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are provided.

This age is also our toilet training age. We will work with your efforts at home. When your child has shown readiness signs and you have begun the process at home, let us know and we will work with your child here as well. We ask you provide pull ups for a time and then transition to underwear and of course, changes of clothing for the inevitable accidents while they are learning. We will not train with diapers. Come see our child-sized real toilet and sink, the perfect height for your little learner. Our toddlers have their very own fenced in grass play area right out their classroom door so they can extend their learning outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


| 3 to 4 years

Welcome to Preschool! Our preschool class serves 3-4 year-olds, or those with two years left before entering kindergarten. We separate our 3-5 year-olds to best meet their individual and developmental needs. Our 3s need to use their hands and fingers to squeeze, squish, grab, pinch, pick up, draw in sand, paint, and practice scribbling first before they are ready to write. Our 3s are also still learning to follow directions and get along with friends.

We sing and dance and listen to stories. We paint and color and mold with playdough (this is where we get our first scissor practice, too). We build with blocks, dress up as construction workers and princesses, cook pretend meals for our friends, explore with magnifying glasses, sort objects, take care of babies, play musical instruments, and put together puzzles. We also love to play outside, run, jump, ride, slide, and swing. All these things are crucial to get us prepared for more academics in the future. Let us be kids and use our entire bodies to explore what we are interested in! You’ll be surprised at the learning that takes place.


| 4 to 5 years

Welcome to Pre-K! Our pre-k class serves our 4-5 year-olds, or those with only one year left before they head to kindergarten. In the fall, we start out getting to know each other and exploring all the fun centers in our room, learning how to share and how to play with each area. We learn all about the routines we will follow and what we will learn. By the end of our school year, your child should be writing their own name (first and last) and blending sounds together to read words! Our pre-k class is truly amazing, as you will see in the pictures.

T-town Childcare uses Mother Goose Time as our primary curriculum. We also use ABC Mouse in our technology center and Heggerty for phonemic awareness. Of course, we run and jump and play and explore areas that interest us as well. We love it outdoors where we can make music, mud, ride, swing, slide, run, climb, play ball, and take care of our garden. Come see the difference at T-town Childcare!

School Age

| 5 to 12 years

We also serve elementary students in the summer, on school delays, early dismissals, teacher in-service days, and any holiday closing that we are open. School kids have their very own room filled with all sorts of interesting things for them to do. They can build with blocks, legos, and magnets, STEM sets, make forts, read, do puzzles, play games, color, paint, draw, pretend play with the doll house and kitchen set, do art and craft projects and science projects facilitated by the teacher, do yogo, and of course play outside! Our school kids love baseball, soccer, kickball, lacrosse, croquet, cornhole, and in the summer…lots of water play! When there is no school, we are here for your child.